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DALLAS, US: Egg producer and processor, National Food Corporation, has revolutionized the way it plans and coordinates its delivery routes to customers throughout North and Midwest America and the Pacific Rim as it claims confidently in a press note.


Using routing and scheduling software from Paragon Software Systems, Inc, one person is able to plan up to 50 complex routes per day to complete over 11,000 deliveries per week. This high efficiency also enables the company to provide third party logistics services for several clients, including some very recognisable names in retail.

National Food Corporation uses a combination of Paragon Multi Depot and Integrated Fleets software. This has proven to be the ideal solution to automate planning and optimize transportation from its distribution centers and DCs, it says. The system replaces a time consuming, manual process that was completely dependent on local DC managers.

“Paragon has revolutionized our planning and routing processes. Before we implemented the system, all of our planning was performed manually. Customers’ orders came into the office and then based on the experience and knowledge of our local DC managers, the deliveries were planned and routed geographically”, says Kevin Bookey, Transportation Manager, National Food Corporation.

“Now with Paragon, our static routes are updated constantly with the most efficient route to service the customer. On our more fluid routes, such as the Puget Sound and Portland areas, Paragon matches resources with the work load to keep us running efficiently. This way we are sure to reduce overall costs knowing that we are optimizing our routes each day,” he says.

National Food Corporation has a huge area to cover, but, with the Paragon system making light work of managing the planning process, the company can focus on servicing its clients wherever they are based.

“We service all of Washington, most of Oregon, the panhandle of Idaho, northwest Montana, and most areas of South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming. Depending on the day we run anywhere from 30 to 50 routes per day and make on average 11,000 plus deliveries per week. Each depot sends a spreadsheet containing customer and shipping orders to our planner. This is loaded into Paragon. The optimized routes are then sent to each DC manager who distributes them to the drivers,” says Bookey.