Effective utilization of Agile methods in QA

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BANGALORE, INDIA: The main idea behind developing High quality software depends on the methods followed from the initial phase; the approach of agile comes into picture where the QA activities become a part and parcel from the kickoff of the development activities itself. In this paper we will describe our experiences and discuss about the processes developed from the gist of issues faced while migration. 


For this paper, we took Full Level Tax (FLT) RUN application and analyzed the entire agile process where the QA people were involved along with the development team sprint wise listing the issues in the QA methodology. We listed the main differences. We than applied these process improvements to the later Sprints of FLT and compared the performance of the releases with the previous ones. We also highlight the current methodologies that are being implemented in ADP Small Business Services (ADP-SBS) Division making the Agile approach grand success.

This paper discusses regarding the agile Processes where testing is integrated throughout the lifecycle that Reduces development risk with phased Integration and continuous user feedback which made the defect ratio as 12:1(approx) and kept a final stop to Last Minute Surprises.

Apart from being geared towards better quality software, this also supports the principle of small iterative incremental releases which helps us to achieve faster ROI through rapid release of business functionality.

This Paper also gives enough focus on the issues faced by the QA team while moving to agile methodology from the traditional approach and the processes we followed to overcome them and ensue ahead successfully. In fact this test driven development has given the benefits above expectations which reflected in the decrease in defect rate as well as achieving the unanimous target of Software Industry “High Quality Software”.

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