EdTech Bootcamp Startup SOAL launches ‘Hack Your Hire’, a Job Open House for Recruiters

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School of Accelerated Learning (SOAL) is one of the leading EdTech coding and design Bootcamp players in India. In a recent development, the startup has launched its job open house called ‘Hack Your Hire’ for recruiters. The program empowers recruiters with skill-based screening. Further, it will be live via SOAL’s tech platform, Delta, from November 2 to 12, 2020.


The Hack Your Hire initiative cuts down the recruitment cost of startups. Thereby, it enables them to make the logical move from CV-screening-based recruitment to skill-screening-driven recruitments. The platform further developed a recruitment mechanism comprising skill verification by independent top coders; code audition designed by recruitment experts; and curated recruitment intelligence for tech and cultural interviews.

The approach has a sizable impact on the overall Cost to Company (CTC) during recruitment drives. Further, it makes the process time-efficient. As such, it also brings the money spent on in-campus branding as well as overheads down to zero. Simultaneously, it decreases the recruitment time per candidate to 4 hours at large. All of it, it does while ensuring that all recruits have the right set of skills. Some of the recruiters who’ve hired from SOAL earlier include Dunzo, Zoho, ClearTax, and FactSet alongside others.

About SOAL


SOAL is an EdTech coding and design Bootcamp player that trains aspiring professionals in an environment of immersive learning. The EdTech platform empowers its students to participate via part-time and full-time courses ranging from 20 to 30 weeks. It further places them across high-potential startups. SOAL has its campuses across Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad and boasts a track record of 100% placements to date.

Speaking on the initiative, Sruthi Reddy, Head of Industry Networks at SOAL said:

“At SOAL, we aim to bridge the employment gap caused by outmoded practices by enabling recruiters to hire talent equipped with the desired skill-set. In this regard, one of the key challenges faced by recruiters includes on-campus placement drives. Such endeavours largely hover around the credentials in a candidate’s CV because unskilled freshers have nothing else to showcase.”

She added, “In other words, recruiters recruit on the ‘likelihood’ of a fresher learning something rather than the skills that a person already possesses. Furthermore, it barely gives an insight if the selected candidate will be a cultural fit. Such challenges get immediately resolved via our ‘Hack Your Hire’ initiative. In fact, we invite recruiters to ‘hack’ their hires and see for themselves if they can prove their mettle or not.”