EdgeCast helps Atlantic Media serve fast content to millions

New Update

SANTA MONICA, USA: EdgeCast Networks delivers any data, anywhere, anytime, and is fast and reliable. The company announced that Atlantic Media is leveraging the company's global acceleration network in order to serve its content to millions of users around the world.


The Atlantic is one of the oldest and most respected brands in journalism, and is trusted by millions to deliver bold thinking on the most intriguing topics. No matter where the user is, or what device is being used, ensuring an excellent reader experience means availability, reliability and speed.

Accuracy and freshness is very important in the media business, and the ability to quickly replace or update content on edge servers around the world is important for well known media brands like The Atlantic. EdgeCast completes most purges in mere seconds with its new "Piranha Purge" feature.

Tom Cochran, CTO of Atlantic Media said: "Site performance is one of the most critical parts of the reader experience. Simply put, it has to be fast. With EdgeCast, we know our sites are loading at top speed, no matter where our readers are in the world."