Eatlimmo turns mango scraps into nutritional gold

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Mango season is here and we are all a mango crazy nation. A lot has been done with the food in terms using it in various recipes. But, there is one start that has found taste even in its waste. Using food science Eatlimmo turns mango seeds, peels, and leftover pulp into a fiber-packed powder. The powder serves as an emulsifier and is said to replace up to 50% of the eggs and fat in baked goods, substitute for sugar, pectin and anti-foaming agents in jams and jellies and even serve as a texturizer and natural preservative in sausages and other processed meats.

Founded by González, 27, and his partner, Flavio Siller, 26, the co-founders of EatLimmo, a food-tech startup in Monterrey, Mexico. In an interview with Forbes, González says “Our mission is to feed 10 billion people in 2050 in a healthy, affordable and sustainable way.” He adds “We see a lot of byproducts and residues with a lot of nutrition. They can have a lot of functionality.”

It is certainly a highly innovative and groundbreaking discovery to find nutritional gold where others just see garbage. EatLimmo does not plan to stop this experimentation with mangoes alone. And they’re not stopping with mangoes. It is also researching uses for the seeds and peels of avocados and other tropical fruits produced in Mexico. However, the company still has a patent pending on its proprietary process,

There are a handful of startups working in this direction. Even in India there are a few startups looking at creating food products out of waste. For example, bakeys makes edible spoons/cutlery and they are gaining popularity. Similarly, there is Anahata who creates biodegradable disposable cutlery to avoid the use of plastic plates or others in large functions or otherwise. There’s an urgent need for tackling the problem of food waste creatively.

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