Eagle Creek software services flies high

New Update

EDEN PRAIRIE, USA: Eagle Creek Software Services, the leading provider of onshore information technology services, finished 2013 on a high note with a 30 percent increase in its customer base. As a result, the company expanded the number of IT consultants by 35 percent.


Most of this hiring surge came out of the Technology Centers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, where the teams of consultants help Eagle Creek's customers develop, deploy and support their front office software technologies. Eagle Creek's onshore services delivery model continues to explode and become a more substantial component of corporate Global Sourcing strategy.

With a commitment to South Dakota, Eagle Creek announced earlier this year it would bring 1,000 technology jobs to the state over the next three-five years. At the heart of this strategy lies a Technology Center in Vermillion, S.D. Eagle Creek, along with officials from the City of Vermillion, the Vermillion Economic Development Corp., the University of South Dakota (USD), the South Dakota Board of Regents and the State of South Dakota, broke ground on a new 32,000 square foot building in August. The company expects the Grand Opening for this facility and its state of the art innovation lab in May of 2014.

"Eagle Creek Software Services had a great year with October setting a revenue record for the company," said Ken Behrendt, CEO of Eagle Creek Software Services. "We expect to see record growth in 2014 as the company expands its front office Technology Centers to Vermillion, S.D. Eagle Creek is uniquely positioned to grow as American companies look to achieve greater balance in their Global Sourcing strategies. This means bringing a portion of their IT services back onshore as well as taking a more qualitative approach in assessing how to support their technology investments in the first place."

Eagle Creek's initiatives have been legitimized by today's direction within the tech services industry. Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, saw similar trends in a report it issued earlier this year.

"Gartner identifies changing conditions that have led to a pendulum swing from offshore-centric thinking to more considerations of onshore delivery options in the US market-in essence, a more balanced and holistic view of global delivery," according to a May 2013 Gartner report.