Dumping partner via SMS becoming common

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LONDON, UK: Modern day romance is always on the fast lane. There is not even time to properly end a relationship. A survey says one in 10 people are dumped through a mobile phone text message.


Around 25 per cent of people interviewed confessed to having flirted with someone they should not have in a text message, said the survey of 2,000 people by mobile phone site

In 2008, Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston was reportedly sent a message from boyfriend John Mayer that read: "That's it - the end."

In April last year, actor Charlie Sheen said adult film star Rachel Olson sent him a text message saying she wanted to end their two-month relationship, while pop star Britney Spears sent a text to tell her husband of two years, Kevin Federline, that she wanted a divorce.


One third admit to checking on their partner by secretly reading messages on their phone. While one in 10 listen to their other half's voicemails, at least one in five people check on the phone log who their partners called, the Daily Mail reported.

One in 10 say they delete any suspicious texts.

Around 11 per cent of the people interviewed have been asked out on a date by a text message.


The report said professional relationships were not immune, as Tiger Woods' coach Hank Haney also resigned via a text message after six years together.

Hannah Bouckley, editor of mobile phone site, which carried out the research, said: "It is easier to write a few words and then sent it through a text and avoid confrontation."

"Texting is such a part of how we communicate as a whole now that is is natural that this will be used for something like that. Technology is opening up new areas for relationships," she said.