Download your free print app and "feel free to print"

New Update

MEMPHIS, USA: International Paper would like to help capture your holiday memories taken on your mobile devices with a free premium print app.


The "Print Hammermill" mobile print app is available free for a limited time only at iTunes and Goggle Play stores. This print app is loaded with features you can use every day, like the ability to print photos, office documents, web pages and emails.

Research shows the most commonly requested PC-like feature missing on smartphones is the ability to print. Unlike many apps, "Print Hammermill" has a print preview function and allows for easy configuration of layout, size, sheet choice and other functions you know so well from PC printing.

According to research firm International Data Corp. (IDC), more than 50 percent of smart phone users and 35 percent of tablet users indicate they don't know how to print from their mobile device. The "Print Hammermill" mobile print app and its easy set-up wizard will help you print to virtually any printer. The app also comes with user support via email and phone, answering your questions and making set-up and use easy.

The Print Hammermill App is available for download at no cost to users while supplies last. Quantities are limited. To download the Print Hammermill App, visit the iTunes and Goggle Play stores.