Don't just possess IT, derive value

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Talking about the Emerging Technology and IT strategy at C-Change 2011 here on Friday, Prof Srinivasan R of IIMB shared that companies should look at IT as a core competence, just the possession is not enough and one should derive the full value. Just like having arms and legs do not count till we show the skills like swimming, running.


He further said that CIOs should look at IT advantage for bringing in new customer solution, best products and system lock-in (where they could leverage on competition-based system economics).

There is a technology pyramid, which has legacy technology, standard technology and many more; in this a CIO has to justify the investment between the two. One of the ideal ways forward is looking at process re-engineering, formulating IT strategy, identifying goals, gathering data, clarifying the problem, generating the idea, planning the action and finding the final solution.

He cautioned that a CIO can only look at the solution which is the best suited with the situation and helps to the maximum.

“There is no best solution. There can only be a better solution. So invest in the solution acceptance and in the end alignment with the business scenario,” he said by adding, “Today, security and systems are hygiene implementation, and a CIO can no more get acclaim on that. There has to be more value add than that.”