Donald Trump gives up Republican Nomination via Twitter

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There was no stopping Trump until he met Indian PM Narendra Modi. Meeting on the sides of Nuclear Summit, Modi seems to have convinced Trump that his true calling beckons him among the inhabitants of Gir and not in the US which faces an impending catastrophe.


Trump took on Twitter personally for the first time to thank Narendra Modi, given Indian PM’s love for micro blogging site and expressed gratitude for jolting his conscience out of slumber. He also apologized to Cruz and Hillary Clinton for any inadvertent remarks from him or his PR team.

Meanwhile, Modi’s Twitter account has been flooded with ‘Thank You’ tweets from all across the globe and Twitter officials have confirmed that it might be a new record for the maximum number of tweets on a day.

CIOL Donald Trump gives up Republican Nomination via Twitter


DISCLAIMER: This is purely a work of fiction and Sarcasm. Though it may relate to real people or events, it is not factual and doesn't mean to harm anybody but is solely intended to publicize hearty laughs throughout and throughout.

Happy April Fool's Day.

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