Digital marketing: Next stride for tech leaders

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Time had never been as precious before. We are living in the times when seconds hold the value of days and the tactics for what society says, moving along with time, have changed. There has been a rapid evolution in all the spheres of humanity and people who haven`t stayed in tune with the changes, have been left too far behind to cope.

Dynamicity is what defines the life closest to its meaning, and the world of digital marketing is naught but a live model of this phenomenon, which has now taken the driving seat for the journey of humanity ahead. This puts a lot of responsibility on the tech leaders, as what is expected from them is a continuum of rowing ahead with their compasses set in the right direction.

Today in the era of virtual reality, what doesn`t exist digitally, doesn`t exist for the majority. And existence is merely an admission into the cycle that demands continuous efforts, awareness and consciousness to make a place in it.

Nowadays, persistent changes failed assumptions and disruptive challenges are just the norms of the business. The fate of a company depends on the course that lies ahead of it. And as time passes by, the situations are going to be more dynamic.

Owing to its cost and time effectiveness, traceability, and customizability, digital marketing is one of the best and most necessary options available in the times for the development of a business. It is the only way to reach out to the huge audience it makes accessible since as the virtual world grows bigger, the real one seizes to exist a step further.

With every new age individual having access to smartphones and the latest technologies, traditional methods are growing more and more feckless day by day. And as the law of the survival of fittest demands, digital media seems to be the only path for progress.

A high-growth strategy would not be complete without expanding your digital marketing stack. As a tech leader, one needs to reach out for user engagement across all the online communication arrays, such as: social media, websites, online search engines, emails etc, which is just the start of it.

One must build on them by tracking user engagement and generating strategies to formulate a data-driven approach to achieve the desired results. Going beyond the surface of these platforms, one must explore the vastness of possibilities lying undiscovered. With technological advancements touching heights, the industry is flourishing with newer tools opening newer prospects in digital marketing.

Social media advertising nowadays has become a crucial part of every marketing strategy, with apps like Facebook offering enormous targeting capabilities. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies help you tap your ideal customer bracket by using specific keywords to keep you on top of the search results made on Google.

It also lets one track their past and present to come up with more profound ideas that would work. No other platform allows sending messages to thousands while receiving multipurpose feedbacks from each of them while keeping a record of every activity.

While digital marketing holds the future, the trick behind it is much the same as ever. Finding and reaching out to your target audience with precision is the key of marketing. Digital marketing does nothing more than making it easier and accurate.

It allows you to reach out as widely as needed and as specifically as necessary. There is always a scope of trial and error that lets you experiment with new target audience and with newer messages, making your approach more mature over the time. One can learn a lot about how a customer reacts to small differences.

Digital marketing has expanded the realms of business in unimagined ways. With the integrated use of it along with its tools, one can push their company to newer heights of growth. While the prominence of it is inevitable, it is important that tech leaders create a responsible ecosystem of mutual growth in the market.

   Bhavya Kukreja, GM, PR & Marcom, Plaza Premium Lounge

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