Digital Campaigns Celebrating Womanhood

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We are changing. Society is changing. Everyone is working in his/her capacity to make this world a better place for women. The world where a woman is treated on more human terms, where she is given an equal footing with men. Digital media is doing its own bit in the direction.

On this International Women’s Day, we bring to you some digital campaigns taken up by various brands to bring about gender parity in our society. Small things can make big differences. These ads convey this idea in different and beautiful ways. These campaigns make you look at women in a different way and might make life a bit more easy and dignified for some women around us.

#BreakTheBias –Titan Raga

In an attempt to break the stereotyping associated with working women, Titan has come up with this campaign wherein, in a promotion recommendation list, there is a name Kiran who has been recommended by her senior. The board members start enquiring about who the person is and why she is an obvious name on the recommendation list.

One of the executives in the meeting responds by saying that Kiran is the “star of Rajat’s team” and that Rajat never fails to take Kiran in his projects-“Young has, fresher haipar Rajat ko uspe pura bharosa hai.” As he continues, all the top bosses, including a woman, imagine what Kiran must look like and the kind of work she undertakes with her boss.

The board members then summon to meet this lady; to their surprise, Kiran turns out to be a man.

The commercial hopes to change perceptions surrounding women and their success in the workplace. A woman works hard to manage home and office at the same time, let’s not make it more difficult for her by doubting her capabilities or by stereotyping that women need men to be successful.


#AmPrettyTough- DaburGulaabari

The ad features a social experiment set up wherein people are shown a picture of a pretty young girl and are asked to guess her hobby. Most people assume that she is pretty and hence would be the delicate kind and come up with options like ballet, painting, baking or music.

When the girl come herself and tells them that she is into mountaineering, people are left awestruck. The girl has gone on many expeditions around India. Then she asks in why can’t she do mountaineering, to which none of them have any answer.

She ends by saying “Why should tough girls look tough?”

The commercial is designed with the thought that the girls grow up with biases and stereotypical judgments based on their looks. So, the brand decided to motivate girls to break stereotypes based on looks and achieve what people don’t believe they can achieve. We tend to generalize that the Sportswomen and Adventurous women are ugly and look rough and tough.



This campaign covers the story of almost every household in India. The father watches his daughter managing her house and work at the same time and what she is going through while her husband sits there watching TV and ordering her.

The father, a mute spectator in his daughter’s house can’t really say much as he did the same with her mother. He leaves a letter before going in which he says ‘Sorry’ and admits realizing his mistake. He then decides to help his wife in the house work in whichever way he could, starting with the laundry of course.

By raising a mirror to society, the brand is seeking a better world where there’s equality in household chores and men help their wives do the laundry.


#StrongToTheBone- Horlicks

Women bone density starts going down at an early age compared to men. Horlicks has come up with this campaign wherein they are promoting women bone health by asking them to check their bone density.

Their digital campaign features women in different roles- mother taking the leap of faith, wife helping her husband to change the car tire, two young ladies unpacking and lifting boxes and finally a business woman who chooses not to take a break and keep going.

It is all about the choice to be strong (strong to the bone) that we women should make this Women’s Day. A choice to be strong, to be on our own.


#AmulRaisesAGlassToWomenPower -Amul

Amul raises a toast to all the women across various fields for their tremendous hard work and determination. Its digital campaign features four young ladies from four different fields- dance, boxing, badminton and engineering. It showcases their determination to achieve what they want.

It also showcases that women do things selflessly ignoring their own health at times.

The advertisement highlights the importance of paying equal if not more concern for our own health before doing it for others around us.


#OneDayIWill –Google

Google thought of doing something new this time.Visiting 13 countries (San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Lagos, Moscow, Cairo, Berlin, London, Paris, Jakarta, Bangkok, New Delhi and Tokyo) and speaking to 337 women and girls, Google asked them to complete the sentence “One day I will…..”

The answers they received varied from person to person, some personal as “want to swim in the Bahamas with Pigs”, to some general ones like “give a voice to the ones who can’t speak” and many in between. This campaign of Google grew bigger than they had expected.

Women achievers themselves haven’t stopped dreaming. Jane Goodall- plans to discuss the environment with the Pope, Noble Prize Winner MalalaYousafzai and activist MuzoonAlmellehan plan to work fearlessly for a future where every girl can go to school.

Google’s campaign show us that dreams don’t have any limits. They can be general to crazy ones. And every small achievement takes us to a new bigger one.

Women are unstoppable. The only thing needed is – Belief.

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