Diffsoft upgrades Treasury Management System

CIOL Bureau
New Update

NEW DELHI: Differentiated Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Diffsoft), developers

of Business Analysis and Risk Management software solutions, has introduced the

latest version of their flagship product "Diffeye", version 3.0, that

addresses the need of Treasury professionals of companies with substantial forex



"DiffEye" is India's first indigenously developed Corporate

Treasury Management System. The version 3.0 incorporates additional scientific

functionalities and includes changes that incorporate Best Treasury Practices

from some of India's and the World's more sophisticated companies.

The salient features of version 3.0 include sophisticated Decision Support

Tools like Value-at-Risk, Portfolio Risk Limits, Trailing Stop Loss to maximize

profits out of Forex Exposures, Integration with Corporate's ERP for accurate

Benchmarking on Purchase Orders / Invoices placed anywhere in the World.

Compliance with Accounting Standards, AS 11 (Accounting for the Effects of

Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates) and audit log of transactions to improve

Internal Control Systems of the Corporate.

Commenting on the launch of the new version, Sounderraman, CEO, Diffsoft

said, "Treasury Management is increasingly getting important and

specialized. And Treasury professionals in India often deal with the uncertain

environment with not much of solution support. DiffEye not only helps them defy

the risk but also helps them to make their treasury operations demonstrably more

effective. This package also aims to improve Internal Control Systems for a

Corporate, which is important to track off Balance Sheet transactions. Recent

regulatory and environmental changes make it imperative for Corporate to manage

Forex Treasury with more of science and less of intuition."

Currently the company has two fully developed products viz. DiffEye and

DiffQue. According to Diffsoft Director-Marketing Krishnaraj, "Considering

the immense potential of the market, we are exploring channel expansion,

increased marketing activity and other tools at our command to reach the

treasury professionals who really require such a solution."