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BANGALORE, INDIA: In this year-end special, we look at the top trends in software development during 2009, as well as ways to combat recession, as well as at trends in Open Source.


We also bring you Opera's state of the mobile Web reports, 2008.


Top 10 trends in software development 2009

John Andrews, CEO, EDC, presents a perspective on key trends in software development during 2009.

Outlook: Top technology trends in 2009

Dhiraj Sinha, vice president and head of technology group for Perot Systems' Applications Solutions, gives his perspective on what's ahead!

Key trends for 2009: Motorola

SaaS and building mobile applications to run on multiple handheld operating systems are two top trends for software industry according to Kirthiga Reddy, director, Motorola GOOD Technology Group.

Attacks on operating system to rise

PandaLabs forecasts a significant proliferation of malware targeting new platforms such as Mac OS Leopard X, Linux or iPhone in the coming year.


Use of dynamic languages will rise in 2009

What used to be a programming tool for small jobs is mainstream in Asia as over 88 percent of developers say they use some dynamic language some of the time and over 40 percent use one more than half of the time.


Top 25 open source projects for 2009

Check out these top 25 open source projects that will help to trim development budgets.

Security concerns open source adoption

Palamida reports says, 75 percent of organizations expect their IT budget to decrease either moderately or significantly in 2009, but that only 45 percent view open source as a likely solution to the upcoming budget gap.


Is the mobile Web replacing the wired Web?

Opera's State of the Mobile Web report spotlights Southeast Asia in its ongoing geographic snapshots. Indonesia ranks first (and second worldwide) in usage with almost 330 percent user growth and 827 percent page view growth in 2008.


Opera's state of the Mobile Web report

In its final State of the Mobile Web report in 2008, Opera reviews the top sites and top phones for Opera Mini in both Europe and North America. Russia and Ukraine lead Europe, followed closely by the United Kingdom.


Recession proofing engineering resources

Unlike in past economic downturns, development teams today have a resource they can turn to in order to lower the costs of development, maintain high-quality, and decrease cost of ownership for the long run: open source software.

Recession will end in 1st half of 2009

The present recession will encourage companies still resisting or hesitating to outsource their testing projects to India to do it in 2009 says, Michel Guez, MD, Smartesting India.

10 ways to save money during recession

Research shows that 98 percent of all slowdowns and other problems are caused by faulty settings, clutter, and fragmentation that result from normal everyday use.

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