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LONDON, UK: If you have lost your memory stick, holding vital or sensitive information, don't fret. There is an easy way to destroy its content using remote control after tracking it by GPS.


The memory stick, called Security Guardian, includes an encrypted memory chip and a SIM card, which means that it can be tracked by GPS and GSM triangulation.

Owners can sign in to their account and block files and information. Alternatively, they can text a specific code to the stick itself, which will disable the device or lock the files within.

And, if all else fails, users can send a high-voltage charge directly into the stick, melting the internal chip and erasing everything contained in it. This killer bolt can be delivered without an internet connection, never mind whether the device is connected to a computer or not, the Daily Mail reports.


The growing interest in data protection follows a number of high-profile cases where sensitive official information was left on public transport - including a case in 2009 when a government contractor lost a memory stick containing the information of 84,000 prisoners.

A 2008 report found that more than 3,200 laptops and mobile phones containing sensitive information had been lost or stolen from government departments.

In their sales pitch, ExactTrak claims that 65 per cent of recorded data losses are due to laptops and USB memory devices that go missing.

ExactTrak is currently working with government and corporate clients, developing a range of products that provide mobile data security and asset recovery.

But it's not reserved for security services, and for a reassuringly expensive fee of 25 pounds, a month any secretive soul can avail themselves the technology.