Deltagram announces satellite fax service

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: Deltagram, the satellite messaging company has announced the

launch of Deltafax–a satellite based service that will help users send faxes

to anywhere in the country. The company will charge a flat fee of Rs 15 for the

new service. Users of this service need no longer incur heavy STD charges in

sending faxes across the country. More importantly, they can use their existing

fax machines for Deltafax without the addition of any new gadgets.

The service can be availed by purchasing pre-paid cards or through membership

schemes. The pre-paid cards will soon be made available at all leading outlets

and Deltagram call centers. "This is an extension of our commitment to

provide workable solutions for Indian users based on the latest

technology," said Deltagram managing director R Kothandaraman.

The one-time use pre-paid card, priced at Rs 15, carries the local Deltagram

call center number, a hidden pin number and a password, which becomes visible on

scratching the card. The sender has to dial the local Deltagram call center and

send his fax quoting his unique pin number and password and the recipient’s

fax number, destination town and STD code. Deltagram’s proprietary software

encrypts the message and sends it to the destination town/city through the

company’s satellite network. The fax is delivered to the recipient’s fax

machine within a span of 30 minutes. A delivery confirmation will be provided to

the sender.