Dell helps improve its site performance

Soma Tah
New Update

BANGALORE, INDIA: has opted for Dell solutions to ensure improved performance and high availability for its e-commerce site. The Dell solution, comprising of Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers and Dell PowerVault storage, provides a virtualized infrastructure helps improve operational efficiency for while reducing management time by 50 percent.


Within the highly competitive travel industry, having the flexibility to innovate is critical in meeting growing demands of consumers moving online to research and purchase travel products. With fluctuations in travel prices from suppliers impacting revenue, MakeMyTrip needed to maximize its margins by running efficient infrastructure.

MakeMyTrip wanted to consolidate its data center on high-performance servers to outpace market growth within the expanding online travel sector in India. They needed servers that deliver higher performance and could take more load without increasing density or energy consumption.

MakeMyTrip deployed Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers to consolidate its data center infrastructure running the company's private cloud. MakeMyTrip used Dell PowerVault direct attached storage to provide additional storage capacity for its database and server needs. PowerVault Storage is also used as network storage when data needs to be shared across the LAN environment.


MakeMyTrip experienced significant energy efficiencies and space savings through maximizing its compute power on Dell PowerEdge R910 and R610 servers, which contributes to the bottom line. The volume of traffic that the site can now support has increased, enabling the company to proactively pursue new customers.

To ensure the e-commerce site remains highly available and provides a consistently reliable user experience, MakeMyTrip also selected Dell ProSupport with Mission Critical 4-Hour Onsite Response.

"When customers are searching for a particular travel package, they want highly targeted, quick results or they will simply go elsewhere. With high-performance hardware from Dell, our infrastructure is delivering 30 percent better performance to our site when compared with the existing hardware, which means we can serve our customers faster." Sanjay Kharb, VP of IT,

"Dell's solutions have enabled MakeMyTrip to improve their visibility and automation through the consolidated virtualized infrastructure. Dell provided MakeMyTrip an efficient customer experience that aims at helping them to innovate the online travel business and meet the growing demands of their consumers." Neeraj Matiyani, director, Storage Solutions, Dell India