Dell EMC's new 14G PowerEdge line-up brings more enhancements to the table

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Dell EMC has announced the availability for its 14th generation Dell EMC PowerEdge server line-up in India which claims to offer a scalable, automated and secure compute platform for traditional and cloud-native applications.


Based on new Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the new PowerEdge servers line-up are optimized for different business-critical applications and workloads like ERP, Hadoop/Big Data analytics, very large database, Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI), software-defined storage (SDS), etc.

As businesses embark on their digital journey, they will gradually shift their workloads from traditional environments to more agile and efficient infrastructure.

"To begin their transformation journey, enterprises need to optimize IT by modernizing, automating and transforming technologies, people, and processes. The 14th Generation of PowerEdge servers are at the bedrock of the modern data center and are aimed at driving IT transformation in the industry,” said Rajesh Janey, President & Managing Director, India Enterprise, Dell EMC.


The improvisation lies in three broad areas, scalable compute, automation and security and the Bangalore Design Center has played a key role in this.

The scalable business architecture enables customers to meet dynamic business needs for emerging workload requirements.

Enhanced systems management features simplifies lifecycle management from server deployment to retirement with automated monitoring and maintenance.


The integrated hardware and system-level security helps to detect and protect the infrastructure from unauthorized or inadvertent changes.

The new System Erase feature allows users to easily retire or repurpose their servers by securely and quickly wiping data from storage drives and other embedded non-volatile memory.

Bangalore R&D centre started contributing from the 6th generation of PowerEdge servers onwards. The contribution has grown significantly over the years, so much so that some of the innovation works are entirely handled by the team here in Bangalore, said B Rudramuni, VP & Center Head, of Bangalore Design Centre, Dell EMC.

A couple of innovations have been done from the energy-efficiency perspective also. Besides, air cooling, the company has also introduced a new Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) feature in one of the variant, PowerEdge C6420 which is more suitable HPC.

The combined strength of Dell EMC is expected to bring some more enhancements to the table in due course.

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