Delhites can now find autos with an app

Sanghamitra Kar
New Update

NEW DELHI, INDIA: AUTOnCAB, a transport solution for passengers and drivers alike, announced the launch of its AUTOnCAB app for users in Delhi.


Developed by NGA Technologies Pvt. Ltd, AUTOnCAB is a modern and new concept that caters to both commuters and drivers, and makes the process of calling an auto or a cab easy with a few simple taps on their smartphone.

"Passengers do not need to wait by the roadside and negotiate fares to hail autos or stay on-hold on the telephone while booking cabs. Once the app is downloaded on their smartphones, a few simple taps will get them the service quickly and easily," says Alok Sawhney, Co-founder & CEO, AUTOnCAB.

"Using the app, drivers will no longer sit idle and wait to get hailed. They will benefit from increased flexibility and can choose their duty timings and days of operation. All they need to do is click on the ‘On Duty' option in the app, and they will show up on the customer's radar," he further adds.


To be a part of the AUTOnCAB ecosystem, the passenger and driver simply need to register with the service. Commuters can download the app for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store for iPhone. The pick-up location is detected automatically and the driver will reach the point within minutes of the passenger's request.

Further benefiting from this solution, commuters can breathe a sigh of relief as they will be charged by the meter within the app or by the vehicle meter, when they download the AUTOnCAB app for free into their Android or iPhone devices.

This ensures that driving and commuting both become easy on the mind and on the pocket for passengers and drivers alike. It also helps bring in order and accountability into the public transportation system of Delhi NCR.

The app comes with many other advantages and features, notably the "call" feature of the app that allows passengers and drivers to talk to each if need be. The in-built ‘rating' system allows passengers and drivers to rate each other and thereby creates a database of good service providers as well as happy passengers.

The facility will be initially available in Saket (South Delhi) and its adjoining areas and will soon be rolled out to other parts of Delhi NCR. AUTOnCAB plans to go pan-India over the next 12 months.