db4o first Open Source object-oriented DB to support LINQ

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SAN MATEO, USA: db4objects, a creator of the leading open source object database, has announced that its db4o object database is now optimized for Microsoft’s LINQ, making it among the first object-oriented databases in the industry to support this new set of extensions to Microsoft’s .NET Framework.


With the new support, developers are free to choose an object oriented optimized engine without having to change the API or compromise performance.

Choosing an ODBMS eliminates the burden of translating objects into tables, a process that is time consuming and prone to mismatch problems, thus allowing the developer to stay focused on the problem logic. A native ODBMS enables the persisted objects to be identical to those created in the object-oriented programming language and to purely reflect the logic inherent to the problem.

“The emergence of LINQ is very exciting for developers and we are thrilled to leverage the capabilities of these extensions to allow developers to maintain the full power of complex object structures and the development environment that is often lost or compromised when translating to/from SQL,” said Anat Gafni, vice president of engineering at db4objects. “We have optimized our support for LINQ so that queries are executed in a high-performance fashion.”


The new LINQ extensions encompass language-integrated data query, set, and transform operations. It includes extensions to the C# and Visual Basic languages with native language syntax for queries and provides class libraries to take advantage of these capabilities.

“db4objects pioneered the native query API and syntax to its own database,” said Ted Neward, Principal of Neward & Associates. “And now I’m excited to see Microsoft and db4objects working to bring this same functionality to the .NET community. I think this will be a natural partnership and highly beneficial for .NET programmers for years to come.”

db4objects’ db4o database offers the ultimate persistence solution to store objects of any complexity natively, with only a single line of code. db4o's embedded Java and .NET engine leverages many optimization techniques such as Transparent Activation to bolster its lead of up to 44 time faster performance. The database automatically activates objects only when needed thereby loading the absolute minimum from disk, which consumes less memory and boosts performance.