Life is easier now as mothers are in favor of dating apps

5000 young men and women reveal that 80% of mothers are in favor of love marriage

Akashdeep Arul
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Life is easier now as mothers are in favor of dating apps

There comes a time when most young Indians have rejected their mother's pleas for marriage, commonly feared as looking for rishtas. Countless WhatsApp photos of potential partners and surprise meetings with them and their families coordinated by ‘matchmaker aunty’ are quite common.


However, a recent survey among 5,000 young men and women from across the country revealed that 50% of mothers of both millennials and Generation Z (Gen Z) have embraced the change and are now comfortable with their children finding their partners on dating apps.

The survey was conducted by TrulyMadly to find out the current stigmas associated with dating in India.

“We went out to understand the stigmas and apprehensions around dating in India, but stumbled upon a completely transformed mindset of not only the younger generation but their parents as well.  I believe a lot of this evolution has come from the persistent efforts in our society to champion women’s rights, reduce gender discrimination, and sensitize against gender stereotyping,” Snehil Khanor, co-founder and CEO, TrulyMadly said.


The survey found out that over 45% of respondents expressed that their mothers are more worried about their marriage than their fathers – for both genders. Meanwhile, 70% female and 80% male respondents from Tier 1 and 2 cities said that their mothers favor love marriage, indicating greater acceptability of choice when it comes to “settling” down at a time when millennial women are pushing back matrimony to focus on education and career.

Mothers of Gen Z and millennials are confident about dating apps to find life partners with 50% of respondents indicating so.

However, in non-metros like Jaipur, Indore, and Lucknow, the situation is upside down as 55% of respondents indicated that men are pressurized more for marriage. It is indeed something you cannot see in the Indian society.


While more women working in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, replied that 53% said mothers continue to pressurize daughters for the sake of “settling down”.

In a comparative way, 60% of respondents feel mothers still prioritize marriage over career and education for their daughters. Meanwhile, 54% feel mothers worry more for their son’s career and education.

It is one step forward and two steps back as the Indian society still tries to grasp the concept of dating. Although the numbers are all right, it is a long way ahead where women are finally in a safe environment.