DataSift announces industry’s first intelligence engine for unstructured social data

New Update

LONDON, UK: DataSift, the platform that powers the social economy, today announced the availability of DataSift VEDO, the next generation processing engine for the DataSift platform, featuring Programmable Intelligence.


Whereas conventional big data solutions typically require teams of data scientists to mine insight from unstructured data such as Facebook and Twitter posts and blog entries, DataSift VEDO features programmable machine learning and automated classification capabilities to extract insight at scale, enabling organizations to apply their resources toward innovation rather than building and maintaining specialized and costly infrastructure.

"At DataSift, our mission is to make even the most complex data types simple and accessible to power better decisions," said Nick Halstead, founder and CTO of DataSift. "With VEDO, DataSift enables any organization, anywhere, to extract meaning and context from social data and other large, unstructured data sets-at scale."

According to IDC, by 2020, a third of the data in the digital universe (more than 13,000 exabytes) will have big data value, but only if it is tagged and analyzed. While extracting insight from social data is now business-critical for many organizations, it is equally critical to view social data-and other big data types-in the context of other business signals.

For this reason, VEDO is also extensible to other types of unstructured content, such as data generated by enterprise social networks and from customer relationship management, business intelligence, market research, and other enterprise systems.