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BANGALORE, INDIA: This is a general all purpose Database Spreadsheet Program with Integrated Dynamic Charting Capabilities. It will support both multiple independent and dependent databases (linked sheets) in a single workbook. It was designed for simple functionality and incorporates an easy-to-use interface for both experienced and non-experienced database users. A user can simply manage the data and also create impressive Data Analysis reports utilizing the built-in reporting features.

The advantage of this spreadsheet database program compared to other types of conventional database programs is that you can have both "formulas" as complex as you want, and also static values as "data" in the database. By using multiple databases (databases on multiple sheets), and linking them together through the use of formulas and functions, you can create a well-integrated relational database. If you decide to use multiple linked databases, it would be a good idea to also create a summary database sheet that you can link to a graphical chart. A chart will always give you a better overall picture of your data.

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