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MUMBAI: D-Link today announced the launch of its new VoIP USB phone- DPH-10U, designed for use with any desktop, notebook or laptop computer running the Internet telephone software Skype under Windows XP or 2000.


This handset set lets you make Internet phone calls from your PC to another PC, or from your PC to any ordinary analog phone, with great convenience.

As a comprehensive unit complete with a dialing keypad, function keys, a built-in speaker and microphone, this VoIP USB phone allows you to operate with ease just like you from any regular telephone.

Long distance calls to any phone in the world can be made at great savings. It has a built-in ringer, so you can pick up the phone to answer phone calls from any Internet caller in the world.


In addition to Skype, the DPH-10U is also compatible with Microsoft's NetMeeting, MSN Messenger Service, Yahoo! Messenger and other popular applications. With Skype, you can make PC to PC and PC to phone calls using this VoIP phone set. If you are not a subscriber of Skype, you still can use the DPH-10U with other application software to make PC-to-PC Internet calls.

With its compact size and USB plug-and-play connection, the DPH-10U is a great travel companion..

DPH-10 is available in the market at an approximate street price of Rs 1175/- (Plus Taxes).

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