CyberTech unveils Recorder API SDK

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AMSTERDAM: CyberTech International, provider of advanced voice and data recording technologies, today announced the new Version 2 of the Recorder API for systems integrators seeking easier and smoother ways to incorporate their software applications into CyberTech voice and data solutions.


The launch of the new API underscores CyberTech's uniquely open architecture that drives sales, market share and customer retention.

The CyberTech Recorder API Software Development Kit (SDK) provides integrators a comprehensive set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications on CyberTech’s Recording Solutions platform.

It is designed to enable application developers to access the CyberTech recorder in a conditioned way. The API supports the addition of custom data to call database records, and the creation of third-party search/replay applications.

"With the addition of our new Recorder API, CyberTech continues to demonstrate that we will not be outdone as the most open and accessible provider globally for the industry's best voice and data recording solutions," said Gerben Stam, director of product management.

"This feature release enables complete and stable integration of the CyberTech Recording Solution application into the customer’s IT environment, implemented as a client/server application. With it, the server component resides on the CyberTech recording system, and the client component can be integrated into any third-party application," added Stam.