Cybersecurity worries industry

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BANGALORE: Delay in taking action in cases involving data theft and cybersecurity, and the lack of convictions is worrying the industry, said Kiran Karnik, chairman of Nasscom.


Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the SolidWorks event in the city today, he said, “We are concerned about the slowness in the progress of cases and the judiciary system, and would like fast track courts, which can speed up the process. We are awaiting the amendments to the IT act, which is expected to happen soon.”

He also added that Bangalore would have a cybersecurity lab in a few weeks time. On the issue of some companies taking employees for a ride and some foreign companies closing shop without warning, Karnik said that Nasscom’s scope is limited since it is just an industry body.

“We have no mandatory powers to take action. However, we make sure that our members follow best practices. The law of the land must take its course and I urge the authorities to take action,” he said.

Karnik stressed on the importance of infrastructure for encouraging more IT exports. He said that new townships are needed to ease the pressure off metros which are under severe strain.

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