Why cybersecurity training and awareness remain key priorities for companies?

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Amid rapid technological advancements and a shift towards digital remote working, the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches has multiplied manifold. The pandemic has proven to be the perfect catalyst that has enabled cybercriminals and miscreants in raiding organizations during these turbulent times. Without strong and resilient cybersecurity architecture, companies can no longer sustain their operations in the current climate.


Studies indicate that over 90% of data breaches happen due to human negligence and lack of sufficient cybersecurity training. Cybercriminals understand this and therefore tend to leverage this employee-ineptitude factor to their full advantage. They are easily able to lure unsuspecting personnel through sophisticated efforts like phishing, to gain access to a system’s resources.

What should companies do?

Having new-age cyber technologies will not suffice as employees must also be adept at leveraging them to their advantage. Employees can resolve a threat effectively only if they can recognize it in the first place. A robust and agile cybersecurity framework means more than antivirus software and firewall protection. The bigger the company, the more prone it is to phishers and cyber masterminds.


Therefore, enterprises must ensure that all personnel continues to receive ongoing cybersecurity training through the latest tools and software. It is particularly important for companies to warrant that all employees are sufficiently well-versed in the various cybersecurity best practices. Only through a continuous training module can companies hope to neutralize the ever-growing threat landscape.

Only through a persistent and continual training program that incorporates not only the latest cybersecurity technology and solutions but also real-time simulations. The role of simulation modules in cybersecurity best practices is to lend hands-on experiential learning to the employees. This is by far the most effective and efficient training methodology that can help cybersecurity teams thwart cyber-attacks and incoming threats on an everyday basis.

There is an urgent need for building dynamic and invulnerable cyber-security architecture for companies in the contemporary business world. Only through dedicated training simulations and utilizing the latest tools and techniques can they hope to accomplish this.

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