CxO Of The Week: Sahil Mithal, Co-Founder & CTO, ShiftKarado

CXO Of The Week: Sahil Mithal, Co-Founder & CTO, ShiftKarado, has 15 years experience, and he continues to spearhead the overall growth of ShiftKarado

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CXO Of The Week Sahil Mithal, Co-Founder & CTO, ShiftKarado

CxO Of The Week: Sahil Mithal, Co-Founder & CTO, ShiftKarado, he has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and he continues to spearhead the overall growth of ShiftKarado.


Your top priority while making decisions to improve tech infra in your organization?

At ShiftKarado, we are focused on incorporating technological innovations into our business processes for delivering intuitive customer experience. Relocating from one place to another place without any issues is already cumbersome for many; booking a truck, packing the stuff, and unpacking further create troubles.

We simplify this entire process with our website and mobile app which have the standard interface for trouble-free bookings and secure payments. The whole relocation process is instantaneous and transparent with us as customers are timely updated about their consignment through our customer-friendly technology.


Challenges you face in driving digital transformation?

As the Indian relocation industry has always been fragmented and unorganized, stepping in with the digital technology was a challenge at first. We had to rethink the pricing model that existed for decades to create an algorithm that would deliver prices to the customer in seconds not days. So, we launched ShiftKarado Android App and Web Application in August 2016 to provide a standard and simple interface for instant pricing, trouble-free bookings, and secure payments.

This was a first one of a kind application in India. We give in a lot of efforts in making our target audience aware of our presence and array of services and winning the trust of customers and employees. With the passage of time, we emerged as one of the prominent choices of tech-savvy customers leveraging the digital advantage to raise the competitive bar and transform the customer experience with an intention of complete disruption.


Do you feel that freshers in the industry come with only basic knowledge but don’t have the right skills to fulfill job requirements? If yes, your suggestion to students and colleges?

In my opinion, the majority of the students who enter into the industry do not have the right skill set and the mindset that companies tend to look for. The reason is, of course, the casual attitude they have in colleges or institutions as they barely think of what skills and knowledge must they have to survive in the cut-throat market competition outside the walls of the college.

Many students are unable to decide which career they should take and thence do not focus on improving their employability and eligibility, which is a concern for both the institutions and companies like us. I would suggest them to set their goals as soon as they enter into higher education and accordingly seek industry exposure through independent research and internships.


What’s your mantra to become successful in life?

Patience and persistence is the mantra of my life. Staying calm and patient in the tough times helps me think the ways to get things done right and persistence in making those strategies work increases the chances of my success. If there is a small win, celebrate it like it’s the first time success and if there’s a huge win, be an opportunist; treat it like it’s another small win and use it as motivation to do more hard work next time. By this way, I prevent myself from getting off track.

What would you like to give back to society?


We are progressively working to fulfill the mobility requirements and needs of people as well as businesses in the best possible way.

Your favourite book and what are you reading now?

I’m obsessed with Mastery, the phenomenal work of Robert Greene. And, I have been reading Reid Hoffman’s The Startup of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Whenever I get spare time, I love to spend time with my family and friends. Either I take them out for dinner or lunch or we figure out something to have fun at seizing the day! I Reading is the second best thing I like to do in my free time.

Achievements (Awards & Recognitions)


Sahil Mithal is the Architect and Technical Lead at ShiftKarado, one of the leading moving and packing companies in India.


He started his career with Star Worldwide Group, the parent company of ShiftKarado, as a management trainee in 2004. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he continues to spearhead the overall growth of ShiftKarado.

First Job – Joined Star in 2004, as Management Trainee.

Served as Branch Manager, Star Mumbai 2005-06 with a focus on growing the revenue of the office through local sales effort. Managed the sales, pricing and operations for all fine art and household good shipments for the branch.

Completed FIDI EIM (Essentials in Moving) Course in Brussels. Has represented the company at multiple international conferences (FIDI, IAM, ICEFAT, ARTIM).

Education – He is a Computer Science graduate from the College of William & Mary, Virginia, USA. He excelled in FIDI EiM (Essentials in Moving) course, which he pursued in Brussels and became versed with the intensive knowledge of moving processes.

2004: Undergraduate from College of William & Mary, Virginia, USA. Majored in Computer Science

2000: Modern School, New Delhi and developed the first school website in 1999.

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