CtrlS opening a first Tier4 data center in Bangalore

Soma Tah
New Update

BANGALORE, INDIA: CtrlS Datacenters is going to open a Tier-4 Datacentre in Bangalore, assessed as one of the largest Tier-4 data centres in South India. The facility is expected to provide India’s growing tech giants with reliable, robust data management and distribution networks, with near zero downtime, 100% redundancy and industry’s lowest PUE.


A total investment of Rs 500 Cr has been planned tor the Bangalore data center facility and offers rich employment potential for the state of Karnataka. It plans to hire over 200 engineering and science graduates in the times to come.

Priyank Kharge, Minister for IT/BT, Government of Karnataka said, “It is yet another validation of the state’s ecosystem, we are glad that CtrlS is establishing its latest data center in Bangalore which is fast emerging as a global hub for data centers and I'm sure the CtrlS datacenter will be the start of the ecosystem."

CtrlS Datacenter powers 15 of the Fortune 500 Global Multinationals, 25 of the ET 500 companies in India including major banks, insurance companies, telecom players, e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and logistics.

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CtrlS said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of Indian Silicon Valley’s and Bangalore’s 1st Tier-4 Data center. Our Tier-4 datacenters are equipped to power mission critical applications requiring near zero downtime and low latency.”


CtrlS operates five data centers in the country (Four Tier-4 Datacenters and one Tier-3 Data center). The Tier-4 data centers are spread across Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and the Bangalore facility. Another Tier—3 datacenter is located in Chennai. It’s data center footprint across the country spans over half-a-million square feet and has a rack capacity exceeding 10,000.

When a disaster strikes - 43% of business experiencing a disaster shut their operations soon. Those who do survive the aftermath, usually end up closing within 2 years. More importantly, 93% of businesses that experienced disruption in their data center for approximately 10 days went bankrupt within one year. Clearly, data availability and management are crucial not just for the smooth functioning of an organization, but also its very survival.

Its new Tier-4 facility in Bangalore besides being carrier-neutral, boasts of largest peering and IP-transit arrangement including 170 CDN PoPs across 35 countries with 18 Domestic PoPs across India. The company claims to have a large concentration of edge servers, at key locations with high internet traffic. With intelligent storage load balancing, caching /routing, and high computing and caching power at each PoP, CtrlS promises a high QoS leading to High Quality of Experience (QoE). CtrlS with its robust network ecosystem, with multiple data centres, internet connectivity, and own infrastructure including dark-fiber assets, peering, and private internet exchange, provides low latency combined with 99.995% uptime guarantee.