CrowdTwist in partnerships with VivaKi, Acxiom and IBM

New Update

NEW YORK, USA: CrowdTwist, the leading provider of omni-channel loyalty and analytics solutions, announced three new partnerships with global brands VivaKi, Acxiom, and IBM.


These partnerships represent the emergence of a new era of loyalty marketing-one in which brands can leverage user-permitted data to create personalized experiences for the consumers who engage with them.

CrowdTwist's platform aggregates consumer data across all channels (online, social, mobile, and even offline) and helps attribute purchases back to individual consumers. Because loyalty program members, on average, engage with a brand 250% more frequently-and consume 700 percent more brand content- than non-members (according to year-over-year user data acquired across brand programs and industries), CrowdTwist is able to provide brands with rich insights into their customers on both individual and macro levels.

These unprecedented insights enable brands to create a singular view of individual customers and properly segment them across multiple characteristics. Companies like VivaKi, Acxiom and IBM, who work with agencies, brands and enterprises to create better user experiences, have taken note.

Data collected by CrowdTwist will be leveraged by SkySkraper, the Publicis Groupe big data platform operated by VivaKi. Through SkySkraper, agencies will have a single point of entry for brands looking to take advantage of CrowdTwist-generated data.