CropIn to improve climate adaptation and resilience for African farmers

CropIn's SmartFarm solution will provide climate adaptation platform for smallholder farmers in the three least developed African countries

Akashdeep Arul
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CropIn to improve climate adaptation and resilience for African farmers

CropIn, a Bengaluru-based agritech start-up, is set to provide digital farming intelligence solutions and increase resilience and climate adaptation of 200,000 smallholder farmers three least developed African countries over two years.


The International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) has joined as a GEF partner agency for the project.

Climate change mitigation needs technology-enabled solutions to reach smallholder farmers without requiring them to make massive investments in infrastructure.

Through this partnership, the company will use SmartFarm, a platform which uses AI models built on extensive agriculture knowledge graphs derived from farm pixel data.


“SmartFarm also enables farm-related businesses to respond more organically to environmental challenges and adjust their systems and processes accordingly. The platform ensures reduction in risks for all actors in the agri-value chain and increasing long term sustainability while promoting intra-engagement of actors for credit facilitation and market linkage based on trust and data,” Kunal Prasad, co-founder, CropIn, said.

This solution, combined with the efforts of agri-entrepreneurs trained in digital technologies, will provide actionable insights and advisories using AI/ML to allow smallholder farmers across six agri-value chains – cotton, cocoa, cashew, cassava, maize, and rice.

The project aims to mitigate risks for all the agri-value chain players and improve price stability based on trust and confidence created by data and evidence.