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MainActor from Main Concept is a low cost video editing software that ships with Novell SUSE Linux Professional 9.0 Multimedia. You can also buy the Windows or Linux editions from Main Concept’s site for $199. The software can take inputs from analog camcorders, VCRs and DVD players. It allows the video editor to import new clips, edit
them, mix audio streams, add effects such as fades and cut-outs, and perform titling. The default output is a raw AVI file. 

The project can be exported as a MPEG-2 file. MainActor’s interface is drag and drop
thereby making things like re-arranging clips in the Timeline easy.

Let’s see how to use it with PCQLinux 2005. We have provided MainActor 5 on this month’s CD. Install this RPM and start it
using the command ‘./Mactor’. Proceed with the steps outlined below.


Applies to: Video editing professionals 

USP: A low cost tool that lets you add effects to your videos at ease 

Primary link: 

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On PCQEssential CD:
system\cdrom\ super_utilities\mainactor

MainActor 5’s interface has five windows, namely Preview Timeline, Effects, Browser, Timeline and Media player that enable easy video editing

Go to the browser window and right click on Project.
Select ‘Add Video Clips’, from the file browser and click on OK. This will create a Media folder beside the Project
To edit the video, drag and drop the file into the Timeline window. Now adjust the video clips as per the Timeline To add music, right click on Project and select ‘Add Audio File’. Drag and drop the file on audio section of Timeline
To add 3D or transition effects to the video, select the Effects tab from the browser. Here, drag and drop the effects you want to use to the video, to the Timeline  After adjusting the effects to the Timeline you can change their Behavior. Go to the Effects window and change the intensity and color texture of the effect 
Once the video is compiled, go the preview window and click on the Play button. It will play the video with effects  To process the edited video and audio into a single file, go to File>Timeline>Export and select its type and format
Click on ‘Format Settings’ to set the video mode. Here you can change the Video, Screen and Audio properties Click on the Export button and the software will compile the final video with all the effects that you have added 

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