CoreView Acquires Crysagi Systems to add power of AI/ML to its Data Engineering Muscle

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New Update

CoreView acquires Crysagi Systems, with this acquisition, CoreView has strengthened its offerings to provide Data Engineering solutions to its customers. CoreView is now a complete data solution provider with strong capabilities in data management, data processing, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


“Organizations are exploring ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a powerful tool to proactively develop competitive advantage and even create an Intellectual Property. But lack of true-breed technical expertise in Data Science made these initiatives either a non-starter or cause of falling short after starting. This is particularly true with startups and midsize companies,” said Makarand Vaidya CEO of CoreView. “With the combination of Crysagi Systems and CoreView, we can resolve this gap of true-breed data Science talent for our existing and new customers in a cost-effective, result-oriented manner.”

Dr. Satish Patil, PhD from the University of Minnesota, USA has built Crysagi Systems to provide Analytics and Data Science services and solutions using Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Crysagi has successfully delivered multiple solutions like recommendation engines, predictive maintenance, intelligent chatbots, and intelligent automation to its customers in the US and Europe.

“Building a world-class business solution requires innovative product and data engineering skills apart from the data science expertise that we bring to the table,” said Dr. Satish Patil, CEO of Crysagi Systems. “We are very excited to join forces with CoreView’s world-class Data Engineering expertise so that customers can maximize the return on their investments in CoreView.”

CoreView Systems has been working with many enterprise customers as well as startups who are sitting on massive data but are unclear on what to expect from this data and analyze real-time. Traditional BI techniques are inadequate to analyze massive data sets. And it will be a colossal waste if this data is not analyzed to make business sense.

Since Crysagi has the technical depth required for analyzing data and using machine learning techniques to build models and CoreView has demonstrated capability to access, polish and visualize the available data, we see a win-win situation for customers, partners and associates with this new synergy between two experts. CoreView customers can now get data handling and analysis services under one roof.

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