Convirture, Canonical unveils ConVirt open source

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SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Convirture, maker of the ConVirt enterprise-grade software for managing Xen and KVM-based virtual and private cloud environments, is partnering with Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu open source operating system, to help organizations to manage virtual machines built using Ubuntu.


ConVirt 2.0 Open Source is now available in the Ubuntu Partner Repository and provides a sophisticated set of tools which can also be used to manage virtual machines in a private cloud infrastructure.

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"Canonical's commitment to helping enterprises implement and build up their virtual infrastructure will be greatly enhanced by the ability to offer ConVirt 2.0 as a management layer," said Matt Asay, COO of Canonical. "We think users will see an immediate benefit whether they are using the Xen, KVM or both hypervisors on Ubuntu."


ConVirt launched in 2006 and is available in an Open Source and Enterprise version. As part of this agreement, ConVirt 2.0 Open Source is available for easy download via the Ubuntu partner repository.

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"Since we first offered ConVirt 1.0, we have always believed that users of Xen and KVM deserve to have advanced management capabilities on par with some of the closed, proprietary offerings on the market," said Arsalan Farooq, CEO of Convirture. "Given Canonical's focus on the cloud, and our ability to manage it, we think this is a great start to a partnership that will delight customers and deliver real value."

ConVirt 2.0 Open Source delivers ease of use, accessibility and features for automating every aspect of virtual machine lifecycle management, including monitoring, configuration management, templates-based provisioning, basic automation, live migration and other enterprise-ready features.