Convergent launches router

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: Convergent Communications India Pvt. Ltd. has announced the launch

of the Vanguard 6455 multi-service routers with new features like channelized

E1, optional ATM card and 100Base T LAN card. This product is targeted at

enterprise network applications with up to 60 voice channels at the central

site. With the optional ATM card, there is investment protection for customers

as they can migrate to ATM based networks when the ATM service is available.

The Vanguard series is suited for medium to large branches, regional offices

and head offices. Convergent Communications managing director Venkat Kedlaya

said, "The Vanguard 6455 series offers is the best option in the industry

for reducing networking costs. These multi service routers provide high

performance voice networks that can also carry data very efficiently. Its

enhanced daughter card capability helps the customer to migrate to newer

services without costly fork lift upgrades."

The Vanguard 6455 series router offers up to 13 configurable serial ports or

up to two channelized E1 points. These routers can carry fully featured IP

protocols as well as voice over IP and voice over frame relay. The price range

begins at Rs 4 lakh for the minimum configuration.