Control Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Devices: How to

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Amazon’s much awaited feature is here, control Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Devices.

Last week Amazon announced the availability of much-awaited feature to control Fire TV Stick with Alexa devices.  If you have both Fire TV stick and Echo speaker (or another Alexa device) can use Alexa voice commands to control their Fire TV. No need to use the remote, users can use Alexa device to command Fire TV Stick to play their favourite TV show or movie on Amazon Prime.

Users have to make some change in the setting to avail o the new feature.

Steps to control Fire TV Stick with Alexa

  • First, update your existing Alexa app or install on your Android or iOS or Fire device
  • Then ensure to update the Fire TV stick with the latest version – To update Fire TV Stick go to Fire TV menu now navigate to Settings. Next step to go to Device/ System and then click on About. Here you can see Software Version, now click on ‘Check for System Update’.

Next step is to link both the device to communicate. And if you have only one Fire TV device registered to your account, Alexa will complete the linking process automatically. To finalise the pairing, you can speak to Alexa device that mentions “Fire TV”.

Users having more than one Fire TV sticks registered to the account can use the Alexa App to pair the device.


  • Open Alexa app (Android, iOS, and Fire)
  • Go to Settings
  • TV & Video
  • Fire TV

Now simply follow the given instructions and select “Link Devices” to confirm the selection. Ensure that both devices are registered with the same Amazon account.

According to Amazon users can link multiple Alexa device to one Fire TV but can use only one at a time to control the Fire TV.

Now you are ready to experience the amazing Fire TV with Alexa control. Use your voice to play a movie or TV show, search for programmes, control playback (including live TV controls), launch apps, return to the Fire TV Home Screen.

To do this on your Fire TV …Say this to your Alexa device…
Play a movie or TV show?Alexa can play content from Prime Video and other supported apps installed on your Fire TV.“Watch [title].”
“Play [title].
“Play [title] on [app].”
“Play [genre].”
“Play [genre] on [app].”
Search for movies and TV shows?Alexa can find movies and TV shows from Prime Video and supported installed apps.“Search for [movie / TV show].”
“Find [title / genre].”
“Show me titles with [actor].”
Search within appsYou can use Alexa within supported apps to search for movies and TV shows by voice.“Search for [movie / TV show] on [app].”
“Find [title / genre] on [app].”
“Show me [movies / TV shows] on [app].”
“Find [actor] movies on [app].”
Control playback?Alexa can control playback for movies and TV shows from Prime Video.?Alexa can also control playback for supported installed apps.“Play.”
“Rewind [timeframe].”
“Fast-forward [timeframe].”
“Go back [timeframe].”
“Jump forward [timeframe].”
“Next / Next Episode.”
“Watch from beginning.”
Live TV Controls?For supported apps that feature live TV access, you can use Alexa to change channels or control playback for on-demand programming.“Go to [channel / network] on [app].”
“Watch [channel / network].”
Launch apps from Your Apps & Games“Open [app].”
“Launch [app].”
Return to the Fire TV Home screen“Go Home.”

Additional Controls for Amazon Fire TV Edition TVs

To do this on your Fire TV Edition TV…Say this to your Alexa device…
Power your TV on or off“Turn Fire TV [on / off].”
Note: To use your linked Alexa devices to turn your Amazon Fire TV Edition TV on or off, you need to have the “Turn on TV with Alexa” option enabled in your Fire TV settings (Settings > Alexa > Turn on TV with Alexa).
Control the volume for your TV“Set the volume to [level] on Fire TV.”
“Volume [level] on Fire TV.”
“Turn up the volume on Fire TV.”
“Turn it down on Fire TV.”
“Mute Fire TV.”
Switch input channels“Switch to [device / input].”
“Change to [device / input].”
Control live TV playback and channel navigation“Go to [channel / network].”
Note:?To access live TV outside of an app, you need to connect a digital antenna.“Tune to [channel / network].”
“Change to [channel / network].”
“Open TV guide.”
Along with this, Amazon also introduced Alexa skills on the Fire TV Stick to view live camera feeds, check sports scores, order food, book a cab, or stream songs.

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