Confirmed: Watch Nintendo’s NX console preview trailer at 7am PST

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CIOL Confirmed: Watch Nintendo’s NX console preview trailer at 7 a.m.PT

Whether it’s Apple, Google, Facebook or any other tech giant, rumors are becoming much like a significant part of their marketing strategy. Next in line is Nintendo; however, it's not a just rumor anymore, it's an official announcement.


Nintendo, the Japanese video game company, is going to unveil its upcoming NX console tomorrow morning with a preview trailer, on at 7 a.m. PT. The company chose to get done with the announcement through a tweet.

The console is expected to launch by March 2017. As far as the pricing is concerned, it is rumored to sell for $299 and a complete package version is going to cost $100 more.

Tomorrow's event can bring Nintendo back in the game, as it was falling behind rivals like Sony and Microsoft. Even the market is upbeat about this because only the announcement sent company's shares up by more than 4 percent.