Computers@Home notches up top spot in readership

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: Computers@Home, the home computing magazine published by

the Cyber Media Group, has been declared as the largest read computer magazine

in India. According to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) data, the magazine has a

readership of 582,000. PCQuest, another Cyber Media Group publication

with a readership of 4.55 lakh, is the second largest read computer magazine.


Computers@Home has become the preferred source of guidance when it comes

to buying and using computer products and gadgets, said a release. According to Computers@Home

Editor Mala Bhargava, "The magazine’s mission is to accelerate the home

computing segment. Our goal is to be the one source of reference on how to get

and use computers, the Internet and digital products — for anyone who wants to

use technology without getting technical about it. What we share with our

readers is the confidence that life can be better with technology."

The magazine’s Group Editor Hoshie Ghaswala said, "Computers@Home’s

popularity comes from the upbeat feeling it gives you, its strong appeal and the

way it gives you information — straight and simple." Recently, the

magazine was launched in Dubai, its first overseas edition.