Computer Explorers intros TechStars iOS app for Preschoolers

New Update

CYPRESS, USA: Children's technology education provider Computer Explorers' latest tool for helping its TechStars preschool students learn is the TechStars Technology Education for Kids iOS app.


The free app allows 3- to 5-year-old students to continue their TechStars science, technology, engineering, art and math learning experience outside the classroom on an iPhone or iPad. It was designed by Playrific, the kids' app publisher that recently partnered with Toys R Us to provide a safe app for that company's kids tablet device.

"We provided a way for the kids in the TechStars classroom to continue to enhance the experience in their homes," says Playrific founder and CEO Beth Marcus.

When kids open up the app, they see TechStars mascot CT driving a train full of learning with four cars, one for each category of videos, games and activities: science, math, technology and arts. Touching a car takes them to six options, which will change seasonally to reflect changes in the lessons they're learning during the year in their TechStars classes.


"By using the app, children can explore digital media and have interactive experiences with the adults in their lives as they have with other children in the classroom while learning about science, technology, engineering and math," says Computer Explorers Curriculum and Program Development Director Elizabeth Marion.

TechStars parents can download the TechStars Technology Education for Kids app from Apple's App Store for free, but will need a login name and passwords from their child's TechStars teacher. Even without a password, parents can access some introductory materials that provide a taste of the learning experience TechStars has to offer.

Preschools and parents can learn more about TechStars Technology Education for Kids and the TechStars curricula by visiting the Computer Explorers website. Email Computer Explorers' ryoung(at)iced(dot)net or call her at 800-531-5053 for more information.