Compaq finally gets it right

By : |April 12, 1999 0

Finally a Home PC you can buy
without busting your bank balance
After a long, long time when MNC prices seemed
to determined more by the incomes of MNC employees than that of the mass market one
vendor’s finally got it right. Compaq’s new Presario 4010 is priced at Rs 48,600 with a
reasonably powerful complement of Celeron 366, 32 MB RAM (DIMM slots so that you can put
up to 512 MB in there), 4.3 GB Ultra DMA hard drive (pretty fast), a AGP video card with 4
MB VRAM, and a 56 K internal modem and a nice software bundle including MS Word, MS Works,
McAfee anti-virus and the ubiquitous Win 98. Compaq claims that the machine is Y2K ready.

A consumer product – minus the
traditional hefty price tag
The Presario 4010 is a pucca
consumer product from the ground up. Designed in Singapore, it’s a sexy looking machine
with simple and easy-to-access buttons that let you do mundane but essential things like
selecting tracks on the Audio CD in the CD-ROM drive or launching your browser. The audio
is good – the typically excellent JBL Pro speakers that come in all Compaq Presario

"Come into my showroom",
said the Presario to the family
Compaq’s entire strategy
revolves around the channel which has resulted in no less than 65 retail outlets in 32
cities all over India in smaller places like Bellary and Calicut; not just in the metros.
Compaq’s aim here is to have the same shopping experience at every Compaq showroom. Will
it work? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Service – Carepaq coming soon
Compaq is planning on introducing several
service options that will give customers a choice on what kind of service they want and
for how long a duration – do you want the one year warranty or will you pay more and go
for the extended three year one? This is in the works.

Will consumers pay 15% more for the
Compaq brand name?
This is the crore rupee question. Compaq is
counting on the brand name and superior packaging to sell their latest baby. Obviously
this will work best with the upper middle class segment who are already into buying Nike
shoes and eating at McDonalds. But what about the rest of the market who want value for
money and believe in getting the most for their hard earned paisa? This is the GID
dominated segment that Compaq wants to crack and broaden its sales in the process. While
this is a good first move, more will have to follow to really make an impact. Top notch
service and focused customer care will decide the ultimate success or failure of this

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