Collabnet to host Webinar on Subversion

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BANGALORE, INDIA: CollabNet, provider of a collaborative platform for distributed software development and sponsor of the Subversion open source project, has announced its first educational webinar on Subversion.


Webinar, scheduled to be held on November 28 will address the needs of enterprise, distrubuted teams at a very low cost and provides an indepth features of Subversion.

It also gives an overview on how Subversion's Software Configuration Management (SCM) system for distributed development team plays an important role in small and large organizations.

The community will also hear from a Subversion committer the key features of the next major release, such as Merge Tracking, and how you can take Subversion to the next level in your company. The Webinar will also show how to integrate Subversion within your development environment and some of the functionality CollabNet is developing for the Eclipse IDE.


The added advantage of the Webinar is that one can discover how to scale Subversion to hundreds of projects and thousands of users. Native support for distributed development, proven usability, high performance, ease of integration, and scalability are just some of the advantages you can benefit from immediately.

Why Subversion?

Subversion addresses the challenges faced by organizations that attempt to extend traditional version control and SCM solutions to distributed teams. Because Subversion is designed to support remote development sites from a central repository accessible over the Web, the need for repository replication, additional servers and system administrators is eliminated. Large enterprises that have deployed Subversion, report significant lower cost of ownership compared to commercial systems that have comparable code versioning capabilities.

Subversion for developers:

Nearly 1.75 million of developers rely on Subversion to manage and version their source code. This rapid grass-root adoption has led many large corporations to standardize on Subversion.