CNET unveils new e-mail marketing program

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program that lets marketers reach pre-qualified segments of the online

technology news provider's audience with 100 per cent certainty that those

targeted are part of a certain demographics.


The program, named "Bull's-eye," lets marketers send customized and

relevant messages to targeted segments of CNET's opt-in e-mail subscribers,

based on demographic profiles that it generated through the registration


The move comes as Internet media companies such as CNET struggle to contend

with a deteriorating ad climate and try to convince advertisers that spending

potions of their budget on the Internet will be worth it. CNET said in a

statement that it has already signed up 18 initial customers to the program,

including Sun Microsystems Inc. and Macromedia Inc.

"In an economy where every dollar counts, marketers are increasingly

utilizing cost-effective marketing solutions that let them message to very

specific demographic combinations" states Pete Deemer, senior vice

president of CNET Networks Outbound Media.

E-mail marketing is expected to grow to $9.4 billion by 2006 from a $1

billion market today, according to Jupiter Media Metrix.

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