CloudBees adds WildFly support as Java EE 7 is rolled out in WildFly 8

New Update

WOBURN, USA: CloudBees, Inc., the continuous delivery Platform as a Service (PaaS) leader, has became the first PaaS vendor to announce support for WildFly 8, the latest version of the JBoss open source application server scheduled for imminent release by Red Hat.


Through its investments in WildFly 8, Red Hat becomes the most recent and significant second technology provider, after Oracle, to offer support for the latest Java distribution, Java EE 7. Today's announcement positions CloudBees as the only PaaS provider able to offer developers access to Java EE 7 through its support of both Oracle's and Red Hat's application server products.

Java EE 7, released in June 2013, offers new features that enhance HTML5 support, increase developer productivity and further improve its ability to meet enterprise demands. CloudBees responded to developers' demands for quick access to Java EE 7 tools by establishing itself as the first PaaS provider to offer support for Oracle's GlassFish v4 in June and for WildFly 8, the latest version of the community edition formerly known as JBoss, today.

"It's great to see Red Hat so quick to deliver Java EE 7 in their WildFly 8 release," said Steven G. Harris, senior vice president of products at CloudBees. "Developers are anxious to get their hands on it, to try out the new capabilities. We're sure that JBoss users and the many WildFly-curious GlassFish users will appreciate having it instantly available on CloudBees."


CloudBees' support of WildFly is similar to its support for Tomcat and GlassFish, offering automatic setup of data sources for database access, scale-out, security realms, session affinity and integration with partner services such as New Relic and Papertrail. By providing the Java platform as a hosted service, CloudBees can deliver new technology to developers in the fastest possible time frame.

"One common criticism about Java EE is the gap between the date the specification is released and the date it's implemented," said Antonio Goncalves, book author and member of the Java EE 7 Expert Group. "Java EE 7 changes this rhythm: today several applications have already implemented it. With their support for WildFly 8, CloudBees demonstrates that PaaS deployments of Java EE can be very timely and accelerate adoption of the latest Java EE spec by developers."

Using CloudBees, Java developers can get up and going with WildFly, Java EE 7 and continuous cloud delivery in seconds.