Cloud telephony creating level playing field

By : |September 30, 2013 0

BANGALORE, INDIA: Technology has always been a force behind creating level playing field for small to medium enterprises. This has been more evident in the last few years as the cloud computing software products evolved. Cloud telephony solutions virtual communication is not different.

The virtual communication solutions like Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Call Tracking, Virtual PBX are creating a level playing field for SMEs and reducing the telephony advantage the larger corporations have had so far.
Larger corporations have been at the forefront of combining telephony with software solutions to deploy powerful solutions that will enable them to improve profitability, ROI, service etc. These solutions allowed businesses to develop telephony solutions that were available 24×7 without human intervention, some examples of such systems would be self service telephony solutions, help-lines, lead distribution, integration of telephony to applications etc.

Cloud telephony now empowers business of any size from 5 to 5000 people to integrate these solutions with their business without incurring heavy cost of hardware, software licenses, people to maintain etc. These cloud telephony solutions help businesses simply secure, help save money, scale as the business grows. Simply put the cloud telephony solutions today remove any advantage the larger corporations had.

  • Start ups are today signing up for these services and integrated voice to the platform they offer their clients.
  • Real Estate companies use these solutions to track and distribute incoming calls and potential leads between sales executives to ensure no call ever goes missed.
  • Support businesses are distributing calls, recording conversations to ensure quality
  • Help lines are getting automated with voice and text responses to facilitate clients 24×7
  • Franchises are using cloud telephony to connect distributed branches with a single number

All these businesses are up and running within minutes without needing to buy expensive equipment, hire programmers and no need to worry about maintenance.

This leveling will have 30 million SMEs in India save money, improve profitability and compete with larger corporations. Those who do not choose to use the new emerging technology will eventually either cease to exist or will eventually adopt the technology. There is no looking back now.

The future belongs to those who will understand the present benefits of cloud telephony, manage risks and innovate the change that the happening today.

(The author is co-founder and CEO of VMC Technologies)

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