Clinton gets briefing on MS punishment

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U.S. Justice Department lawyers briefed President Clinton on their proposed

remedies for preventing Microsoft from engaging in any further unfair business

practices and measures that reportedly includes breaking the company into two or

three parts and imposing tough short-term remedies.


Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, when asked about reports, the Justice

Departments reportedly wants to separate the OS and applications groups said,

consumers would be hurt by such action. The synergy between the various

divisions and products are the key to Microsoft’s success he said. "We

wouldn't have Windows today if it hadn't been for the Office group and the

Windows group working together. It was the thinking that was done, being in one

company, going after a new user interface, taking a huge risk, that we were able

to create Windows.''

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also indicated there is no way Microsoft will

ever agree to a break-up. "This company, which has done so many great

things for consumers and the American economy over the last 25 years, will not

be broken up. Absolutely nothing in the current case justifies breaking us


Critics say that the ability of OS and application developers working

together has given Microsoft an unfair advantage over competitors in the

applications market, as well as the ability to include code in the OS designed

to cripple competing software applications, as has been alleged in the antitrust

and other lawsuits involving Microsoft. At the White House, presidential

spokesman Jake Siewert said only that the talks were of an

"informational’ nature. "They reviewed the status of the case, the

proposed remedy and the rationale behind the proposal,'' White House spokesman