Cisco adds IPv6 support to its products

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Telecom networking equipment maker Cisco announced new products and services that support IPv4 to IPv6 migration.


Earlier this month, the networking vendor had collaborated with other vendors to make InteropNet the first trade show network to run IPv4 and IPv6 side by side, delivering data, voice and video services to more than 15,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors.

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Cisco added USGv6-compliant support, specifically IPsec v2, for IPv6 virtual private networks on its ISR G2 router. It also added Stateful NAT64 support on its ASR 1000 Series router platforms.


Cisco added support for Location/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) on its routing and switching platforms, which will automate the creation and modification of IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels for dual-stack configuration.

Mark Townsley, distinguished engineer, Cisco, said: “IPv4 has served us remarkably well for the past 30 years. Moving to a new version will not be easy, but it is essential to the continued growth of the Internet. Cisco's approach is to assist customers through what we see as three phases: Preserve, Prepare, Prosper. Customers are able to preserve existing investments by auditing existing systems and utilizing transition technologies where appropriate; prepare by rolling out IPv6 alongside IPv4 in a strategic manner; and will ultimately prosper with the transition to a full IPv6-enabled Internet."