Ciena leads 100G optical market, ahead Alcatel Lucent

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BOSTON, USA: Ciena dominates the 40G/100G leadership rankings, finds Infonetics Rsearch. Ciena, Alcatel-Lucent, and Huawei top the list of vendors that carriers consider to be among the top three optical vendors.


"Our survey of telecom operators makes it clear that they don't necessarily share the stereotypical view of Huawei that exists in the vendor community. Huawei is consistently given higher marks each year by western carriers," notes Andrew Schmitt, Infonetics Research's directing analyst for optical.

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Huawei leads vendors under evaluation for purchase in the next year, followed by Alcatel-Lucent and Ciena


Alcatel-Lucent and Ciena top the list of vendors that carriers consider to be leaders in the P-OTS market, with several other vendors following

Huawei has the highest percentage of service providers that think they are making the best technology investments today that will result in products needed for future networks

The most-missed optical equipment feature by carriers is software-, not hardware-related.