Choosy Mobile app launches to drive "high-quality" interactions

Sharath Kumar
New Update

NEW HOPE, USA: Just in time for the New Year, MeetMe, Inc., the public market leader for social discovery, announced the launch of Choosy, a new stand-alone application for meeting new people. This application is optimized to encourage high-quality connections with new people and is separate from the company's core MeetMe application.


According to Geoff Cook, CEO of MeetMe:"Choosy asks simple questions to break the ice among users. Many users of social apps, like Tinder, tend to be bombarded with low-quality messages like ‘hey,' or ‘what's up.' Choosy solves this problem by using simple icebreaker questions. Rather than relying on double-sided matches based only on the quality of a profile photo, Choosy drives high-quality conversations by helping its users say something of interest. With so many New Year's resolutions around relationships and meeting new people, we pushed to get the app out as close to the New Year as possible."

To meet people on Choosy, you must first answer simple questions chosen by the users themselves. Those users then have a choice to accept or reject your answers. If they accept, you can continue the conversation that started with your answer. If they reject you, they may provide a reason to help you improve future answers, and then you can no longer communicate with that user.

"Choosy's mission, as well as the mission for all of our apps, is to facilitate and deepen connections among people," said Catherine Cook, co-founder and Vice President of Brand Strategy of MeetMe. "As an avid user of people discovery apps, I know too well just how many low quality messages you receive. Choosy provides a useful filter. Only people who answer your question ‘right' can message you - and now you have something to talk about."

Choosy is now available on Android and available for download in the Google Play Store, and is scheduled to be available on iPhone in the coming weeks.