Chip PC intros new series of Linux devices

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LAS VEGAS, USA: Chip PC Technologies, a  company in desktop virtualization and server-based solutions, has announced it will be launching a new series of Linux-based devices, Xtreme PC LX, offering a powerful, super compact thin-client with advanced multimedia capabilities, policy-based management and very low power consumption of just 3W.


The Xtreme PC LX integrates cold RISC architecture, powered by RMI Alchemy Au1250 processors, with Chip PC new LX operating system featuring an expandable OS, domain authentication and Active-Directory-based management in a Linux-based OS, local browser and a truly rich multimedia experience.

Additional expansion opportunities are provided with USB 2.0 ports, 2 channel audio and both DVI and VGA video. These features establish the Xtreme PC LX as the logical replacement to traditional fat PCs providing seamless integration into VMware, Microsoft and Citrix desktop virtualization and server-based environments.

"Chip PC is proud to announce the innovative Xtreme PC LX series offering advanced multimedia capabilities," said Adi Dulberg, CEO, Chip PC.


He added: "We aimed at complementing our CE-based product line with an affordable yet powerful, flexible platform. These new products together with our extensive support of desktop virtualization and server-centric environments extend our reach into the enterprise. Together with our superior management software offering exclusive policy-based management of users, we aim to deliver the best solutions to our constantly growing global customer base."

The Xtreme PC LX is supported by the industry-leading Xcalibur Global, delivering unmatched reliability and strong security architecture, compatibility with key industry standards and operating systems, and manageability that is second to none.