Chip design startup Invecas acquires Lattice’s design team, lab assets

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CIOL- Chip design startup INVECAS acquires Lattice’s HDMI design team and Simplay Labs subsidiary

Invecas, the US-based silicon proven IP Solutions and ASIC Design Services provider optimized for advanced process technologies, embedded software and system-level solutions, has announced that it is acquiring Lattice Semiconductor’s HDMI design team and Simplay Labs subsidiary, which oversees standards compliance and interoperability testing services.


The deal includes the transfer of approximately 150 research and development (R&D) staff, labs and other assets from Lattice’s operations in San Jose, Hillsboro in US and Hyderabad in India as well as Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

"It not only helps us to support our existing HDMI ASSP business, but also fosters a collaboration between the companies to speed the development and adoption of both existing and new HDMI standards. We are confident that Invecas will continue to pioneer HDMI by providing world class IP and services. Lattice customers should feel confident discussing any HDMI 2.1 IP opportunities directly with Invecas,” said Darin G. Billerbeck, Lattice Semiconductor’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

The transaction has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies and is expected to close in August 2017.

"This transaction will be a tremendous addition to our technical capabilities as well as to our IP, advanced SERDES and product portfolios. We are fully committed to continue investing in the Lattice team’s strong track record of helping to establish industry standards and new technologies, and driving them to market," said Dasaradha Gude, Chief Executive Officer of Invecas.

Meanwhile, Lattice is “implementing a limited workforce reduction,” that will hit 30 employees worldwide as the company tries to reduce costs. “The business to be transferred were deemed non-core and subject to discontinuance,” the company said in the regulatory filing. “The reduction in workforce actions are part of an overall plan to enhance the company’s financial and competitive position by better aligning its revenue and operating expenses.”

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